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KARLOVAC, February 14 /SRNA/ - President Milorad Dodik said Wednesday equipping the police of Republika Srpska is in compliance with the standards valid for police forces in the region.


Some speculative and affair-worthy stories are being started again regarding the equipping of the Srpska police, asserted Dodik.

Weapons import is an absolutely legitimate business approved by the authorities and joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said.

“The procurement of weapons is an aspect of training and building police readiness to confront various forms of attacks on the public system,” Dodik told the press in Karlovac, Croatia where he is visiting the Eparchy of Gornji Karlovac.

According to him, it is the only first batch of weapons for the Srpska police, which had been banned for more than 20 years to buy any weapons whatsoever.

“That’s why we had the accident in Zvornik, where a terrorist attacked the police station, killed one of our officers and wounded two others,” said Dodik.

Equipping the police is nothing but the exercise of constitutional and legal rights of Republika Srpska and its police, he asserted. /end/ds