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BANJALUKA, 14. FEBRUARA /SRNA/ - Minister of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska Dragan Lukac says the Ministry has obtained approvals from all competent institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to buy 2,500 rifles for its members and that the procurement will cost USD960,000.


“All our police officers in accordance with the law, just like all police officers in Europe and around the world, have the right to carry short or long guns. The Ministry of Internal Affairs /MIA/’s problem has been that nothing has been done to that end over the past years, and that our members used a number of guns that remained after the 1990s war, which weapons are inadequate for police purposes,” Lukac told a press conference in Banjaluka on Wednesday.

He pointed out that the procurement of guns was launched in accordance with the Ministry’s work programme and that the guns would be bought from the manufacturer Zastava at a very favourable price.

Lukac recalled a terrorist attack in Zvornik when a MIA police officer in self-defence and in an effort to save his colleagues’ lives used an over-30-years-old gun and a bullet got stuck when he tried to shoot.

He added that a police officer had been wounded on that occasion and that everyone who was at the police station at the time could have been killed had members of the Support Unit not showed up and killed the attacker.

“We will not let our officers who are supposed to protect their own lives and the lives of their colleagues and fellow citizens not be able to put up a proper self-defence or carry out their duties in accordance with legal regulations,” said Lukac.

He pointed out that for that reason the Ministry had decided to buy guns which will be delivered to Srpska in March and distributed to police administrations and stations.

“The guns will be secured under lock and key and if need be, police officers will be able to use them in accordance with the law,” he said.

The minister of internal affairs said that in 2016 they had procured modern weapons for special units which now dispose of the best weapons used by special units around the world.

Lukac noted that the support units also had the new weapons. /end/ds