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VISEGRAD, January 14 /SRNA/ - Today is one of the most significant dates in the Serbian history, the day when the foundations of Serbian statehood, cultural and national transformation were laid, said Dusko Milunovic, Assistant Minister of Labour and Protection of Veterans and Disabled Persons of Republika Srpska.


At an event marking the Veterans Day and First Serbian Uprising at the monument to Serbian fighters in the Fallen Veterans Square in Visegrad on Wednesday, Milunovic said this was one of the 25 dates important for Republika Srpska which were established by the Entity Government.

“This is one of the four dates we mark together with Serbia and I believe one of the most significant in Srpska because the foundations of the modern Serbian state and freedom in these parts were laid then. That was a centuries’ long aspiration of the Serbs to set themselves free from the Turkish rule here,” said Milunovic.

Mayor of Visegrad Mladen Djurevic said that celebrating the Veterans Day and First Serbian Uprising conveys the message that the sacrifice and heroism of our ancestors must be signpost to the younger generations, as well as the ones living today.

“That’s why this monument here is not just a monument of gratitude to all the fighters, but a monument of gratitude to everyone who fought and died for freedom, for honour and the right to life of their Serb brothers,” said Djurevic.

This gathering shows a respect for the victims who died for the creation of Republika Srpska, where people today live free.

“We are showing that we nurture our tradition, cherish the memory of the past and given an example to the young generations. That’s why we need to know that our homeland is Republika Srpska and that we spread our brotherly love united and want it to last forever. In this unison, we the descendants of our glorious ancestors are obliged to remember all those who were killed in our nation’s liberation wars,” Djurevic pointed out.

Head of the Veterans Association of Republika Srpske Milomir Savcic said he was certain that this generation of Serbs was worthy of its ancestors from 1804 who started the fight for the final liberation of the Serbs in these parts and the creation of their own Serb Republic, which has always been a guarantee of freedom and independence.

Several delegations laid flowers to the monument, including an envoy of the Srpska president, representatives of the National Assembly and Government, envoy of the member of the BiH Presidency from Republika Srpska.

Attending delegations included the Veterans Association, Association of Families of Captured and Fallen Veterans and Missing Civilians, Association of Camp Detainees of Republika Srpska, 3rd Infantry Republika Srpska Regiment and municipality of Visegrad.

The First Serbian Uprising was mounted on February 15, 1804 in Orasac in Serbia against the Ottoman Empire by hajduk companies as well as the village population and Serbian army which counted 25,000 soldiers.

A total of 215,671 members of the Army of Republika Srpska fought during the 1992-1995 defence and homeland war and 23,184 of them gave their lives for Srpska. /end/ds