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BANJALUKA, February 14 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Minister of Internal Affairs, Dragan Lukac, has said that Russian specialists or operatives will not take part in the training of special police units of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Internal Affairs or any other police units.


“The Ministry of Internal Affairs /MUP/ conducted training exercises for its members mostly with American special units. Special MUP units and a part of support units conducted the most part of the training exercises with the European Police and American special units,” Lukac said at a press conference in Banjaluka.

Lukac has stressed that stories of Russian specialists who will train special MUP units in Zaluzani, which some media published in recent days, are absolute fabrications.

“There are no Russians in Zaluzani and there won’t be any Russians to conduct any training,” Lukac has said.

Lukac has said that a team of American specialists will soon start to train 43 young MUP specialists who have recently become members of the special police unit.

He has said KM 6.5 million has been invested so far in the Zaluzani Training Center and that a modern training center is being built in the area of 55 ha.

“We intend to open the Center on Day of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but not all works will be completed by that date. We will continue investing in the Center this year as well,” Lukac has said.

He has added that special units and support units, as well as certain MUP administrations, will be housed in Zaluzani.

“This is a capital project for the Ministry of Internal Affairs which was needed since we did not have enough space in the City of Banjaluka to house all our organizational units,” Lukac has said.

He has said that around KM 8 million has been invested so far in equipping and arming special units and support units, and added that another KM 3 million will be invested this year in equipping the Zaluzani Center and in the Criminal and Technical Center. /end/sg