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BRATUNAC, June 21 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said today that the humanitarian demining machine, which was made in the Tehnicki Remont Bratunac /Technical Overhaul Bratunac - TRB/, is a product designed in accordance with the world's highest standards and will be competitive on the European and world’s markets.


"I look forward to the day when this machine comes out on the external market and this company contracts the delivery of its products," Dodik told reporters after he visited the humanitarian demining machine together with the owner and director of the TRB, Slaven Ristic, and project manager, Tomislav Basevic.

Stressing that he wants to encourage people to trust in the business policy of this company that surely provides a job for the future, Dodik has expressed his gratitude to the management, the company's owner and the people who rehabilitated this company.

"This is a strategic company for both Bratunac and Republika Srpska, thus the Government of Srpska has agreed certain arrangements here in order to promote the development of some products and help the company and Srpska appear on foreign markets," Dodik has said.

According to him, a series of good ongoing things can be noticed in Bratunac, as today were the opening of irrigation systems for about 440 hectares of raspberry orchards, and this machine which was made in accordance with the highest world’s standards.

Ristic has said that the Government of Republika Srpska showed confidence in this company, and the company gave certain results.

"From the very beginning, our goal was not only to deal with overhauls and repairs, but to conquer new products and markets with modern technology that will find their customers in the world," said Ristic.

He has pointed out that the humanitarian demining machine, manufactured in the TRB, is comparable to any machine manufactured in the EU states and was made according to the world’s standards.

"It is the product of the joint work of all engineers and workers," Ristic has emphasized.

Basevic has said that this machine is a demanding product whose production previous experience related to some other machines has helped and added that it has been successfully completed concerning its features and technology.

According to him, the machine is intended for humanitarian demining, but it can serve other purposes and tasks. /end/vos