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BANJALUKA, June 17 /SRNA/ - The United Srpska party is asking the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/ Steering Board to help with making sure election will of the people of Republika Srpska is respected, the blockade of the formation of the Council of Ministers removed as soon as possible, and operations of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina launched.


The party recalls in its letter to the PIC that Srpska citizens had chosen their representatives for the BiH level, but that certain politicians from Sarajevo, eight months after the elections, are still blocking the process of the Council of Ministers formation.

"It would be best for all in Republika Srpska and BiH to appoint the chairperson to the Council of Ministers and form the ministries and launch operations of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly. We kindly ask you to use your influence on Željko Komšić, Šefik Džaferović and Bakir Izetbegović to make sure they observe the basic principles of democracy and democratically held elections - implementation of election results without setting any requirements,” reads the letter.

The letter, which the party also addressed to the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer, reads that setting any kind of conditions for the implementation of election results renders democracy and elections in general meaningless.

The United Srpska say they no longer want the Council of Ministers to have Srpska representatives who lost the elections, including Dragan Mektić, Mirko Šarović and Igor Crnadak.

With respect to the ongoing crisis and requirements made for the purpose of ensuring support for BiH’s accession to NATO, the United Srpska claims that parties from Republika Srpska insist on adherence to the National Assembly resolution on military neutrality, which is a legitimate political stance about potential future political processes in accordance with democratic principles.

"Membership of NATO, the Eurasian Union, the Belt and Road Initiative, or any other organisation is a matter of agreement and compromise which has to be achieved by the newly-elected representatives of Republika Srpska and Federation of BiH,” reads the letter and adds that the new authorities at the Srpska and BiH levels are facing many tasks like getting closer to the European Union, improving the living standard and resolving the migration crisis problem. /end/dš