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BANJALUKA, June 18 /SRNA/ - Anyone who is calling for the formation of the Council of Ministers and authorities at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina without the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ or their partners, that is, without the election winners from Republika Srpska, is actually calling for a classic dismantling of the democratic order, SNSD spokesman Radovan Kovačević told Srna.


"If it is their goal to form the BiH-level authorities so that their integral part from Republika Srpska is made up of those who got the least number of votes and who are not SNSD, despite the election results in Srpska, then there is no need to hold elections anymore. In that case, the SNSD and Republika Srpska will have to consider some other steps,” emphasised Kovačević.

According to him, it is extremely hypocritical from those who are responsible for the crisis in BiH and won’t allow the application of election results to speak about the BiH Parliamentary Assembly being idle.

"Such statements are even more hypocritical from those from Republika Srpska who currently receive salaries in the Council of Ministers and in the Parliamentary Assembly at the expense of the people of Srpska and BiH, such as Dragan Mektić and Mirko Šarović," Kovačević noted.

It is high time, he said, for everyone in BiH to get serious and for the SNSD and its coalition partners as election winners in Srpska, the Bosniak election winners - SDA and its partners, and the Croat election winners - HDZ and its partners to form the authorities.

"That is a condition that has to be met so we can start doing what the people expect us to and start giving answers our international partners expect from us. By this I primarily mean the European Commission, which has shown understanding and patience for BiH, but will no longer wait for those who want to achieve their cheap political interests through political blackmails,” stated Kovačević. /end/dš