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VIŠEGRAD, September 20 /SRNA/ - A new memorial dedicated to Božana Delić, who lost five children and seven immediate relatives in the defensive-patriotic war, was unveiled and consecrated on Friday at the Military Cemetery in Višegrad.


The memorial was unveiled by Advisor to the Minister of Labour, War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection of Republika Srpska, Milan Torbica, Head of the Višegrad War Veterans Organisation, Aleksandar Savić, Višegrad Mayor Mladen Đurović and descendants of the Delić family.

Đurević said the municipal War Veterans Organisation and the Republika Srpska Ministry of Labour, War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection did not forget those who fallen in the last war.

"The persons responsible for the death of the Delić family members have not been punished, nor have they been tried. I hereby appeal that all authorities involved in such affairs find the responsible persons," Đurević said, adding that the municipality will always support such events in order to prevent what was happening in the defensive-patriotic war from sinking into oblivion.

Torbica said Friday was an opportunity to remember the heroine of the Serb people.

"Mother Božana lost five children. These are examples of what happens in the war - death, torment and suffering. Unfortunately, those who had done it have not been found to this day; one should be held accountable for what the one did in the war." said Torbica.

Savić said the memorial was erected to an extremely modest woman.

"The monument resembles her, it has no sharp edges. It is empty, as it was the face and body of Božana due to years of mourning. There is no need to erect monumental memorial to a modest woman who gave everything for Republika Srpska, her five children," said Savić.

The grandson of Božana, Dragoslav Delić, thanked the representatives of the War Veterans Organisation and the municipality of Višegrad for not forgetting those who had sacrificed everything for Republika Srpska.

"I am thankful for all the efforts made so far to find out the truth about all our fallen persons. Granny Božana made many statements, the truth is known, as well as the perpetrators, but little has been done," Delić said.

Delić voiced hope that the time would bring something new and that the perpetrators would be found.

Božana Delić - A Serb woman from the Goražde area is a symbol of the suffering of the Serb people in BiH during the past war. She survived World War II, but witnessed the killing of four sons, a daughter, a grandson and three sons-in-law, which was committed by her Muslim neighbors who joined the BiH Army units. Years after the war, she was searching for the bones of her beloved ones, but she couldn't find it.

She died on June 8, 2005, receiving neither justice nor truth, because Muslim war criminals were never charged with crimes against Serbs in Goražde. /end/vos



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