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BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 23 /SRNA/ - SNSD Leader Milorad Dodik said today in Banjaluka that the coalition cooperation between this political party and the DNS in Republika Srpska and at the BiH level is undisputable, although there are certain problems at lower levels.


Dodik told the press after meeting with DNS Leader Marko Pavić that the goal was to reach an agreement that would be sustainable.

"We had a quality and open conversation today," Dodik said.

He stressed that the SNSD, DNS and SP were at the centre of the political power that had been implementing the Republika Srpska strengthening policies in the last 20 years.

"Our coalition cooperation is not questionable, but we need to clear up certain challenges that have been imposed from the local level to certain relations regarding the overall cooperation inside the coalition. Given the fact that there are certain problems at the lower levels, which are related to certain appointments, we have agreed to halt everything and the Government of Srpska will do nothing until we reach an agreement. It has already been resolved in a global agreement which provides 17 positions for the DNS," said Dodik.

He says party representatives will continue with the talks, with a view to reaching a sustainable agreement.

"We have stated that there is no the deepening of the problems between us and we are focused on continuing the cooperation. We will react to anything that may jeopardize the cooperation. Cooperation at the local level is not questionable as well, but we will have to make more efforts to bring together local organisations in order to reach joint policies. We are ready to cooperate locally and to create a programme for local elections," says Dodik.

He stated that he had to disappoint all those who had expected the position of Republika Srpska to be toppled in some way.

"There are problems that we are solving, and I am grateful to Pavić for a rational approach to the problem. I am convinced that as of today, our discussions are directed to solving the problem," Dodik said.

On behalf of the SNSD, the meeting held on the premises of the DNS Main Board was attended by SNSD party leader Milorad Dodik, deputy leaders Radovan Višković, Željka Cvijanović, Igor Radojičić and Nebojša Radmanović, and party secretary general Luka Petrović.

The DNS delegation included party leader Marko Pavić, deputy leaders Darko Banjac, Ognjen Tadić and Nenad Nešić, and secretary general Dragutin Rodić. /end/vos