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LONDON, FEBRUARY 24 /SRNA/ - Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija tells SRNA that the Western Balkans Investment Summit being held for the fourth time is an excellent opportunity to discuss at the highest level the current economic and political situation in the region, as well as the economy-related state and opportunities to strengthen primarily economic cooperation through increasing the volume and facilitating the flow of goods, services, people and capital in the region.


"In this regard, I informed the Summit participants about the plan and the work method of the new Council of Ministers, and that the work in the coming period will be focused on strengthening the economy in cooperation and coordination with Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, creating jobs, attracting investments and increasing the standard of living of the citizens," Tegeltija pointed out.

In terms of infrastructure, he pointed out that the priority for BiH was the completion of the Corridor Vc, the Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway, bridges in Gradiška and Bratunac, and the construction of hydropower plants on the Drina River.

"In addition, I informed the Summit participants about the current status of BiH's EU accession process, and that it is clear to all in BiH that a serious and hard work is ahead of us, which requires a high degree of consensus and mutual respect, including the respect for the competencies of all levels in BiH defined in the Constitution," explained the chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Tegeltija said that such events were very useful for the countries of the region in terms of providing opportunities for strengthening economies, exchanging experience, knowledge and technologies, all in order to facilitate and accelerate the EU accession process and strengthen economic cooperation and increase the level of investments.

Speaking about a meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, Tegeltija said this was his first official meeting with some of the officials.

"Therefore, herewith I would like to announce that the prime minister of the Republic of Serbia invited me to have my first official visit as chairman of the Council of Ministers in Serbia," Tegeltija emphasized.

He said in his SRNA statement that high-level co-operation between Serbia and BiH, as well as opportunities for strengthening and improving it, was also discussed at the meeting, and stressed that trade in goods exceeded the sum of two billion Euros, which had been the highest so far.

"When it comes to specific issues, we discussed the completion of the bridge in Bratunac, for which the Council of Ministers issued a decision at its first session, then the continuation of the implementation of the Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway project, and the continuation of activities to implement previously agreed projects with Republika Srpska, such as the hydro-power plants Buk-Bijela, Foča and Paunica construction projects," Tegeltija explained.

He stressed that the "Mini Schengen" initiative was discussed in the meeting with Brnabić, for which Republika Srpska had already given its consent, so the position on this initiative should be harmonized at the state level.

"In addition, I took the opportunity to thank Prime Minister Brnabić and President Aleksandar Vučić for the support Serbia has been providing to local communities in Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it is mostly reflected in the construction of local infrastructure, schools, kindergartens and health facilities, which are basic prerequisites for a better quality life for the citizens," said Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija.

The prime ministers of Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Croatia, as the country currently holding the EU presidency, are also present at the Western Balkans Investment Summit in London, as well as the representatives of international financial institutions and potential investors. /end/vos