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BELGRADE, MARCH, 29 /SRNA/ - The Head of the Committee on Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Serbian Parliament Miodrag Linta pointed to the tragic fact that a large number of persons involved in the crime in Sijekovac and many other places in Posavina are still at large.


Linta has pointed out that the main reason is the fact that the BiH judiciary did almost nothing to punish the perpetrators and executors of this and many other horrific crimes against Serbs.

He has recalled that on March 26 was the 28th anniversary of the horrendous war crime against 46 Serb civilians in Sijekovac near Brod, committed by armed forces from Croatia and paramilitary Bosniak-Croat units from BiH.

For the killings and torture of Serbs in Sijekovac, Linta noted, only one criminal was convicted to an offensive sentence of just 10 years in prison.

"The alleged crime is particularly monstrous because the perpetrators included neighbors, Muslims and Croats, which speaks to the continuity of hatred of Serbs", Linta said.

During the Croat-Muslim occupation in Sijekovac, 46 Serbs were killed, mainly women, children and the elderly, among whom the youngest victim was a boy of 17 and the oldest a man of 77, the Union of Serbs from the region announced.

"It is the first mass crime in BiH when armed forces from Croatia killed nine Serbs in just an hour", Linta recalled.

He said that March 1992 was written in black letters in the history of Serbs in Brod and Posavina, because on March 3, Croatian troops crossed the bridge over the Sava River and, together with paramilitary Croat-Muslim formations, occupied the then municipality of Bosanski Brod.

"This event is one of the many evidence that Croatia has committed aggression on BiH with the aim of creating a Greater Croatia on the principles of the notorious Independent State of Croatia", Linta said.

He recalled that in March 1992, Croatian units have occupied eight municipalities in the Posavina area - Šamac, Brod, Modriču, Odžak, Orašje, Derventu, Gradačac and Brčko.

"Mass crimes were committed there and 3,684 Serb civilians were killed in a few months and opened 54 camps for Serbs", Linta stressed. /end/bo



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