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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - March 31, 2020




BIJELJINA, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - The first contingent of Serbia's aid to Republika Srpska in the fight against coronavirus has crossed the Rača border crossing this evening at 7.15pm.

ZVORNIK, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - One person from Zvornik, Šekovići and Milići tested positive for coronavirus, Zoran Stevanović, commander of the Zvornik City Emergency Staff, said.

TESLIĆ, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - There are no persons newly infected with coronavirus in the Teslić municipality, 510 are under medical supervision, 330 are no longer subjected to medical supervision and 42 coming from abroad have been quarantined at the Posavina Hotel.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - The Mozart Company is going to allocate BAM 150,000 to assist hospitals, retirees and citizens in need in Republika Srpska, a regional betting company announced today.

TREBINJE, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - Trebinje residents Živko Žika Drapić and Dragan Lazović began manufacturing visors for protective masks which they donate to the staff of the Trebinje Hospital and Health Centre.


SARAJEVO, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - Minister of Communications and Transport at the Council of Ministers, Vojin Mitrović, and Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Johann Sattler, concluded in today’s telephone conversation that the international transport of goods at border crossings between BiH and neighboring countries has improved dramatically in recent days.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - High Representative for BiH, Valentin Inzko, says everyone in BiH will be surprised about the assistance the international community will provide to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson has stated this evening that BiH authorities reacted early and smartly when it came to combating coronavirus, and that they realized they needed to act together for the benefit of citizens.

BRČKO, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - The Brčko District government will pay the minimum gross wages for March to business and legal entities and entrepreneurs who have been banned from working due to measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus epidemic, it was decided at today’s extraordinary parliamentary session over the telephone.


SARAJEVO, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - So far, 1,308 persons have been tested for coronavirus in the Federation of BiH, 182 of whom have been positive, while 30 new cases of infection and 250 new tests have been confirmed since yesterday, said the Assistant Federal Minister of Health, Goran Čerkez.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - A man has been killed in Hadžići near Sarajevo this afternoon, Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Azra Bavčić told SRNA.


BELGRADE, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - Another part of medical aid from China has been delivered to Belgrade's airport by Serbian national airline Air Serbia.

BELGRADE, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - So far, 560 companies have reduced or suspended the work in Serbia, but have not laid off workers, Serbian Chamber of Commerce President Marko Čadež said today.


PODGORICA, MARCH 31 /SRNA/ - In Montenegro, four more people were tested positive for coronavirus this morning, rising a total number of infected to 109, said Director of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro in Podgorica, Jevto Eraković.


GENEVA, MARCH 31 /SRNA-Reuters/ - UN Special Rapporteur Hilal Elver said today the sanctions should be lifted on all countries from Iran to North Korea and Venezuela during the coronavirus pandemic in order to ensure that supplies reach the endangered. /end/vos