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BANJA LUKA, MAY 30 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska is nearing the end of the coronavirus epidemic, which is confirmed by milder symptoms of the infected in the last time and a constant decrease in the number of hospitalized patients, Deputy Director of the University Clinical Center /UCC/ of Srpska Nenad Stevandić said SRNA.


Stevandić said that by monitoring the number of infected, the severity of symptoms and the number of recovered, which has long exceeded 60 percent in Srpska, it can be said that the health system has passed the exam.

"We have not had a situation where someone lacks a respirator, intensive care or lying in the hospital in a heavier or lighter ward. We have always had excess capacity to accept patients in case of greater needs", said Stevandić, who is also the head of the team tasked with monitoring the implementation of measures and recommendations of the Republika Srpska HQ for Emergency Situations.

According to him, Srpska is now facing a struggle not to have a new space of the virus, as happened in certain parts of BiH, and in Serbia also.

"We still have to overcome that and we hope to declare the end of the epidemic very soon", Stevandić has pointed out, talking about today's encouraging data that only one newly infected person was recorded in Srpska out of 475 samples tested in the past 24 hours.

He emphasized that the virus exists and has not disappeared, although it has a lower intensity, but he pointed out the need to keep a social distance with maximum hand hygiene and living and working space.

According to the information available to news agency SRNA, the total number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals and the UCC of Srpska on May 13 was 185, and on May 28, 100, which is a significant decrease. On May 13, there were 96 infected patients in the UCC, and on May 28, the 31. /end/bo