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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - June 3, 2020




BANJA LUKA, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska Radovan Višković pointed out today in talks with representatives of international financial institutions that Srpska is ready to talk, even today, with the International Monetary Fund about a new multi-year arrangement that would help resolve key priorities, namely public enterprise reform and health sector reform.

EAST SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska Alen Šeranić has stated today that Srpska should soon procure equipment and tissue typing apparatus.

EAST SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republika Srpska Alen Šeranić has stated that the line ministry will support the expansion of the capacity of the Home for the Elderly in East Sarajevo for 70 to 90 user places.

BANJA LUKA, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Jasenovac material has been available to researchers and visitors of various profiles from all over the world since it was returned from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, where it was digitized and microfilmed, the director of the Archives of Republika Srpska Bojan Stojnić confirmed.

TRNOVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The President of the Assembly of the City of East Sarajevo Miroslav Lučić stated today in Ledići that in this former Serb village innocent civilians were brutally killed by Muslim neighbors, just because they were Serbs, Orthodox.

BANJA LUKA, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - SNSD President Milorad Dodik said that this party is going for a big victory in the local elections, including constituency three, in which it traditionally has good results.

SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Members of the Central Election Commission of BiH held today the meeting via video link with the City Election Commission of Banja Luka on the preparations and implementation of local elections scheduled for November 15.


SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Governor of the Central Bank of BiH Senad Softić has told SRNA that funds of approximately EUR 330 millions of International Monetary Fund /IMF/ loans intended for increased needs of the health sector and financing of economic stabilization measures were paid to the sub-accounts of the Ministries of Finance of Republika Srpska and Federation BiH, and Brčko District, in the ratio previously agreed.

BANJA LUKA, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said that the Peace Implementation Council is an artificial body, which should have disappeared a long time ago, because it was invented within the Dayton Agreement to spread fear and govern BiH.

BANJA LUKA, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has stated today that according to international regulations, environmental and other, BiH has the right to intervene and express its position regarding the disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel on Trgovska Gora in Croatia.

SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Commission for Finance and Budget of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH heard at today's session the representatives of six institutions and their reports, who received a qualified opinion after the financial audit for 2018. The conclusions, which the Commission will present to the Parliament, will be defined at the next session, which is scheduled for Monday, June 8.

SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Minister of Civil Affairs in the Council of Ministers Ankica Gudeljević and Swiss Ambassador to BiH Andrea Rauber Saxer have emphasized that BiH needs a reform of the education system and orientation towards creating capable and professional staff ready for the labor market.

SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers Igor Crnadak gave a statement in the BiH Border Police today as a witness regarding the issuance of BiH visas in Pakistan, was confirmed SRNA from the Border Police.

SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The Prosecutor's Office of BiH has filed an appeal against the decision on the proposal of detention in the case "Novalić and others", which are suspected of illegal procurement of ventilators from China, during which BAM 10.5 million of budget money was spent.

ZVORNIK, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - SBB leader Fahrudin Radončić, by resigning as Minister of Security in the Council of Ministers, directly showed a strong political character, and indirectly pointed to the disastrous policy of the SDA, which ends the already torn texture of the Dayton BiH community. Writes: Milorad GUTALJ

SARAJEVO, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH gave full support to all previous statements of the President of the Council Milan Tegeltija bu which he condemned the threats addressed to the Chief Prosecutor of BiH Gordana Tadić regarding the "Ventilators" affair and requested that such cases be condemned as soon as possible.


BELGRADE / MEROŠINA, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić has said that she hopes that the new Priština government would not pursue a populist policy and that it would be responsible.

BELGRADE, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Special envoy of the President of the USA in the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština Richard Grenell welcomed the election of the new government of self-proclaimed Kosovo headed by Abdulah Hoti and said that he "can hardly wait" for the continuation of dialogue with Priština.

PRIŠTINA, JUNE 3 / SRNA / - The Serb List announced today that "in order to protect the interests of the Serb people, the Serb List supported the formation of the Government in Priština".

BELGRADE, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić and Italian Ambassador Carlo Lo Cascio discussed today the activities of the two countries in connection with ensuring the unhindered movement of people and trade in goods, as well as the political situation in the region.

BELGRADE, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - In a letter to the director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Europe Ana Luiza Massot Thompson-Flores, the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information expressed concern over repeated attempts for usurping Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija and falsify history coming through some media from Albania.


BELGRADE, JUNE 3 /SRNA/ - Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin commenting on the fact that the Croatian High Misdemeanor Court decided that the Ustasha greeting "For home ready" was allowed at the concerts of controversial singer Marko Perković Thompson, has pointed out that it is only a matter of time when they will also return the photo of Ante Pavelić to the Parliament, and the chessboard from the flag of the Independent State of Croatia to the flag of Croatia. /end/bo