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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - July 11, 2020




BANJA LUKA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska Radovan Višković has pointed out that this year the Government will implement a program of spa treatment for veterans and pensioners, worth 200,000 BAM each.

BRATUNAC, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - A round table, organized by the Association of citizens of the "Eastern Alternative", will be held in Bratunac today as part of the celebration of the Liberation Day of Srebrenica on July 11, 1995, when the attacks and killings of Serbs from the so-called UN protected zone in this area stoped.

SREBRENICA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - Twenty-eight years since the crimes against 69 Serb civilians and soldiers on Saint Peter's Day 1992 in the Srebrenica villages of Sasa and Zalazje and Bratunac villages Biljača and Zagoni will be marked tomorrow at the monument and ossuary in the village of Zalazje.

ZVORNIK, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - The commemorative gathering in Potočari near Srebrenica is proceeding peacefully and in accordance with the plan, according to the data of the "Srebrenica 2020" Action Headquarters.

BIJELJINA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - On this day five years ago, the assassination of the then Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić was attempted in the Potočari Memorial Center near Srebrenica, and the attackers were never arrested and prosecuted.

BANJA LUKA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - Acting director of the Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investments of BiH /FIPA/ Milica Marković assessed that the results of the agency's work, in the past period, are not satisfactory, but that the effectiveness of FIPA can be discussed.


BANJA LUKA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers Bisera Turković, on her own initiative and without the consent of the Council of Ministers on declaring July 11 a day of mourning, has sent instructions to diplomatic and consular representative offices of BiH in foreign countries to lower flags to half-mast today.

SARAJEVO, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - A series of shows produced by the Potočari Memorial Center, broadcast on BH Radio 1, unilaterally, tendentiously and subjectively presents qualifications and accuses the Serb people without any relevant evidence, it was stated in a joint statement of the two members of the Board of BHRT from Republika Srpska and the director of BH Radio 1 Pejka Medić.

BANJA LUKA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - According to estimates, there are about 105,000 mines left in BiH, of which 30,000 in Republika Srpska, and because of that the mine action is carried out every day, said today the Head of the Banja Luka Office of the Mine Action Center Bojan Klepić.

SARAJEVO, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - From today, persons entering Croatia from third countries are required to undergo health surveillance with self-isolation for 14 days, which can be reduced to seven days if a person is tested for the coronavirus at own expense and gets a negative result of PCR test, the BiH Border Police announced.


VOZUĆA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - In the Monastery of the Holy Trinity - Vozućica in the municipality of Zavidovići in FBiH, an evening service will be held today on the occasion of marking the Holy Martyrs of Dabro-Bosnia, among whom is the priest Jovan Zečević who died in the camp in 1941.

BELGRADE, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - Radical Muslims are threatening to kill journalist Muhamed Kovačević from Sarajevo, who was investigating the crimes of the Serb executioner Husein Mujanović, the wartime warden of the prison in Hrasnica, Belgrade's based daily newspaper "Večernje novosti" writes.


PARIS, JULY 10 /SRNA-Reuters/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said on Friday that the efforts of Germany and France to restart talks between Belgrade and Priština were already paying off and expressed hope that a peace agreement will be reached, although he could not say when.

BELGRADE, JULY 10 /SRNA/ - Serbian Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović said that one person was injured with a knife in a clash between two factions among protesters in Belgrade on Friday night, and that pyrotechnics were thrown at the entrance to the Serbian Parliament and police, and appealed to do not do so and do not resort to violence.

BELGRADE, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - The Serbian Security Intelligence Agency /BIA/ discovered another foreigner, a Tunisian citizen, who actively participated in the protests in Serbia.


BELGRADE, JULY 10 /SRNA/ - The Government of Montenegro published on its "Twitter" account a map indicating from which European countries and under what conditions passengers can enter that country, and only Serbia, Russia, Northern Macedonia and Moldova are marked in red, which means that citizens of those countries are not allowed to enter Montenegro. /end/bo