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BANJALUKA, JULY 15 /SRNA/ - Head of the Republika Srpska Representative Office in Washington Obrad Kesić has said the announced resolution on Srebrenica in the US Congress is the result of lobbying by the Bosniak community in the USA and stressed that the Serbian community has initiated a resolution on the sufferings of Serbs and Croats in the BiH war.


“The Serb community has initiated a resolution in Congress which would determine that Serbs and Croats also suffered in the BiH war, and would also condemn the so-called Army of BiH which is responsible for the sufferings of Serbs and Croats in Sarajevo,” Kesić told Srna.

He has said that the resolution is being prepared and that the first version is expected in the fall.

“It is important that the Serbian community get involved, not only in the preparation of the new resolution but also in order not to allow the resolution on Srebrenica, which is repeating itself, to be so unilateral, and to show that Serbs also suffered there and that operations of the so-called Army of BiH in that region were very problematic, having in mind that Serbian civilian victims went unnoticed, at least in the West,” he said.

He says that there is nothing new in the Srebrenica resolution and that it should not be raised to some significant level.

“In essence, the resolution on Srebrenica is symbolic support lobbied by the Bosniak community, but in a way it opens a new element of the struggle regarding BiH, meaning that the Serbian and I suppose the Croatian community as well will get involved in order to determine facts about the war and to see to it that Serb and Croatian victims are respected as well,” Kesić said.

According to him, the resolution on Srebrenica has multiple goals.

“It was lobbied by the Bosniak community in the US some ten years ago, and those who are proposing the resolution are Congress members whose communities have a large number of Bosniaks. Political messages are also included in the text,” Kesić said.

He says that the second goal is to show “the correctness” of everything the US was doing in the 1990s in the Balkans.

“This means that if it is determined that one nation was a victim there then this speaks that Americans were right to intervene. Also, Congress was the key engine that pressured the administration of the then President, Bill Clinton, to intervene,” he said.

He says that this in a way confirms that which many claimed at the time – that America saved and built a new state and “we see how it functions now.”

Kesić says that one should have in mind that the Serb community in the USA is now much stronger than before.

American Democrat Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson presented to the House of Representatives a “resolution condemning genocide and other crimes committed against Bosniaks by Serb forces in Srebrenica in July 1995,” and the document is in procedure in the US Congress. /end/sg