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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - August 11, 2020




BANJALUKA, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković announced Tuesday that the Government would create a public call with established criteria in the next few days to enable business entities in catering, tourism and passenger transport sectors to apply for support for the months of July, August and September.

BANJALUKA, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Minister of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska, Suzana Gašić, told SRNA that 7,224 tourist vouchers to be used for staying at tourist destinations in Srpska, had been issued to date.

TREBINJE, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - A memorial service was served Tuesday in the village of Čavaš in Popovo polje near Trebinje for 103 locals of Serb ethnic background killed by the Ustashas in the massacre on August 11, 1941.

BANJALUKA, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Director of the Republika Srpska Police Siniša Kostrešević and police attaché at the French Embassy in BiH Phillippe Gangloff assessed the cooperation between the Srpska Interior Ministry and French Embassy in BiH as satisfactory.

BANJALUKA, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Emergency Situation Staff adopted at Tuesday's telephone session, a conclusion on financing the coronavirus commercial tests’ costs for married and common-law marriage couples, citizens of Republika Srpska, goinbg abroad to treat infertility with biomedically assisted reproduction.


SARAJEVO, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, will organise a meeting in Sarajevo on Monday, August 17, with representatives of the largest local companies dealing with the import of fresh and chilled meat to define steps for helping domestic producers, with an emphasis on purchasing the surpluses that have appeared on the market.

SARAJEVO, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Raiffeisen Bank International /RBI/ made a consolidated profit of EUR 368 million in the first six months of this year, which is 203 million less compared to the same period last year.
SARAJEVO, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - An investigator of the State Investigation and Protection Agency of BiH said Tuesday at the trial of Jasmin Keserovic, accused of warfare in Syria, that three witnesses recognised the accused in the presented photo album.

BRČKO, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - The Brčko District Government approved Tuesday the payment of BAM 4,130,189 to assist district-based companies for April whose business has been most at risk in virus stricken District.


BELGRADE, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated Tuesday that local experts will decide which Covid-19 vaccine will be provided for the citizens of Serbia.

BELGRADE, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, Mladen Šarčević, announced Tuesday that the more concrete discussion on the faculties’ operation in coronavorus stricken environment would start next week, but that it was certain that the practical work would be organised.

BELGRADE, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Serbian confirmed six deaths in the last 24 hours and another 235 cases of coronavirus infection out of Crisis Staff of the Government of Serbia announced at Tuesday’s press conference.

BELGRADE, AUGUST 11 /SRNA/ - Gross foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank of Serbia /NBS/ amounted to EUR 13.5 billion at the end of July, which is by EUR 435.3 million less than in the previous month due to settlement of foreign currency liabilities of the state and mitigation of impacts on local economy caused by coronavirus outbreak. /end/vos