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SARAJEVO, SEPTEMBER 23 /SRNA/ - Security expert DŽevad Galijašević has told Srna that attacks on Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković are a classic smear campaign aimed at turning the attention from the criminal backed by the SDA.


“This is how some are trying to hide the fact that the president of the BiH Court is a Spaniard /Ranko Debevec/, that the director of the Intelligence-Security Agency /Osman Mehmedagić/ is irrelevant as he does not have appropriate education, that he even falsified his diploma the same way the president of the BiH Court falsified his citizenship papers,” said Galijašević.

He recalled the “ventilators” affair in which FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić and director of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration Fahrudin Solak are involved, together with the owner of the “Srebrena Malina” Company, Fikret Hodžić.

“They are involved in stealing from sick people, a theft worth BAM 10.5 million,” says Galijašević.

He feels that the attempt to cover up those crimes is the reason for attacks on an honorable and honest man such as Višković, stressing that a crucial question should be posed: Is it still possible to cover up crimes with accusations against Serbs for alleged war crimes?

“How many people have been convicted this way? How many cases of smear campaigns are there and how many people have they arrested this way? How many people were incarcerated in The Hague because they were stealing in Sarajevo, and then they staged crimes in Srebrenica, Sarajevo and who knows where else?” asked Galijašević.

Galijašević is asking as to why “the Bosniak prosecutor’s office and the public” are not addressing the fact that all accusations regarding the killings in the Vasa Miskin Street and at the Markale market place in Sarajevo, as well as at the Tuzla Gate, have been rejected in The Hague.

“Were these people also framed so that you could hide your criminal activities?” Galijašević asked.

He says that the narrative of alleged genocide and crimes of the 1990s war in BiH is an attempt by Bosniaks to represent Republika Srpska as not being credible and accuse its leadership of something that has never been done.

“In order to cover up their crimes, they are trying to accuse the prime minister whose biography is impeccable,” Galijašević said, adding that it’s shameful, that such actions are neither Muslim’s nor Bosniaks’, and that it is not politically wise to make of Serbs enemies.

Galijašević says that such actions are distancing Bosniaks and Serbs ones from each others and provoke a conflict between the two peoples.

He says that Republika Srpska must relocate its security jobs to Banjaluka, which is in keeping with the Constitution, and ban operations of the “Spanish department of the BiH Court” in its territory; it should not implement rulings of the BiH Court and the Constitutional Court, as long as foreign judges are sitting there.

“Republika Srpska cannot rely on such security structures which release recordings. The one who released the recording and transcripts, and released this story to the public, he revealed the identity of a protected witness. He committed a crime,” warned Galijašević. /end/sg



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