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BANJALUKA, JANUARY 22 /SRNA/ - The Central Election Commission of BiH /CEC/ makes political decisions such as the annulment of elections in Doboj and Srebrenica, which is why it is necessary to adopt a new election law in BiH, believes member of the Republic Election Commission Aleksandar Radeta.


"The decision on Doboj and Srebrenica elections is expected, because the CEC's decisions are political, as well as the election of a certain number of commission members, the manner of calling and postponing elections, illegal decision-making referring to the appeals," stated Radeta.

He mentions that the latest CEC's last decision to be an introduction to similar things in the 2022 general elections is not excluded.

"If the BiH Election Law remains unchanged and manipulations continue, I do not expect anything good," Radeta said.

According to him, all this began with the revocation of the competencies of the Republic Election Commission, i.e. when the local and general elections were taken away from the entity by the High Representative and given to the CEC of BiH. /end/vos