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BANJALUKA, June 23 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik says that Sarajevo politicians together with the intelligence service, which is headed by the SDA, are working to “get” around 150,000 migrants into BiH prior to the elections, after which they would be granted asylum so that they could later get citizenship.


Dodik has said that Srpska does not want migrants to be accommodated in its territory and that it rejects any such a plan from Sarajevo, in keeping with the conclusion of the Republika Srpska Government.

“They cannot deal with this issue, particularly not without consultations with Republika Srpska. We reject pointing to cities such are Banjaluka, Trebinje, Prijedor, Gradiska. The plan is to accommodate 2-3,000 migrants in each of them. This would mean a serious pressure on our way of life in Republika Srpska. We reject it,” Dodik told reporters in Banjaluka on Saturday after a meeting with Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic, Finance Minister Zoran Tegeltija, and the Minister of Labor and Veterans’ Affairs, Milenko Savanovic.

Dodik has said that the public is being misled about the number of migrants in BiH because there are five times more migrants here than registered.

“People are crossing [the border] in places where there are no border crossings, nobody registers them. We have seen how this is functioning. Joint institutions are almost in disarray,” Dodik has said.

According to him, Republika Srpska does not accept European initiatives to resolve the problem of migrants and their accommodation in countries bordering the EU.

“We do not want it. Republika Srpska cannot prevent the FBiH from doing it,” Dodik has said.

He says that Republika Srpska representatives in Sarajevo are trying to break Republika Srpska, instead of working in its interest, and that the issue of migrants is the best proof of it. /end/sg