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SARAJEVO, September 11 /SRNA/ - Char of the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, Staša Košarac, stated he expected the current Speaker of the House, Denis Zvizdić, to resign as the chairman of the Council of Ministers, not to make false accusations in the public that the SNSD was allegedly blocking the work of the BiH Parliament.


"In every normal country, leading functions in the legislative and executive power are absolutely incompatible. Under the BiH Constitution those functions are incompatible too, which is clear to everyone except Denis Zvizdić and his party leader, Bakir Izetbegović," Košarac told SRNA, commenting on Zvizdić's accusations that the SNSD is blocking the formation of commissions and the work of the BiH Parliament.

According to him, Zvizdić should read the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives and find there an answer to the question who is the one that actually blocks the formation and operation of joint institutions in accordance with the Constitution and laws of BiH.

"Permanent commissions and joint working bodies of both houses of parliament, especially the leaderships of these commissions, cannot be elected unless one knows who constitutes the government and who the opposition is in the BiH Parliament. It is normal and logical that the authority representatives constitute the leaderships of the commissions, while the law prescribes that a representative of the opposition should head the Joint Security and Intelligence Committee for Oversight of the Intelligence – Security Agency of BiH. Someone should explain this to Zvizdić and his party, which is persistently violating the Constitution and laws in the BiH Presidency by blocking the appointment of the Council of Ministers chairman," Košarac explained.

He added that the answer to the question of who in the BiH Parliament represents the authority, and who represents the opposition can only be answered via a vote confirming the appointment of the chair, the ministers and deputies in the Council of Ministers.

"Only after that we may start with the election and constitution of standing committees and joint working bodies and continue to function normally. As long as the SDA violates the Constitution in the BiH Presidency and the Law in the Council of Ministers and as long as two BiH Presidency members elected by Bosniak voters, usurp the constitutional rights of the Serb people and Republika Srpska, other institutions, including the BiH Parliament, cannot function normally," said Košarac.

He stressed that convening the session of extended Advisory Board of the House of Representatives would not change the situation, what Zvizdić announced on Tuesday.

"According to the Rules of Procedure, the Extended Advisory Board is competent to make decisions on agenda items but is not authorized to decide on convening a regular session of the House. It is possible that Zvizdić and the SDA are again planning some attempt to violate the rules and to outvote the Serbs, which may only further aggravate the crisis that BiH is in," Košarac said.

He tells Zvizdić that the Republika Srpska institutions and the SNSD have long been pointing out the enormous damage all BiH citizens are suffering due to the failure to form a new Council of Ministers.

"All citizens suffer the consequences of the blackmailing policy practiced by the SDA in the BiH Presidency. We hope that the SDA will abandon such a policy and, by appointing a new chair of the Council of Ministers, will allow the joint institutions to function normally, in accordance with the Constitution and laws," concluded Košarac. /end/vos