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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 13 /SRNA/ - SDS president Mirko Šarović said today that by initiating amendments to Rules of Procedure of the Parliamentary Assembly, his party and the PDP want to have the BiH Parliament start working and to remove “basic levers for abuse and blockade of this important legislative body for the sake of narrow party interests.”


Noting that the initiative aims to stop manipulations from the ruling political structure in Republika Srpska, Šarović has said that Srpska will have the same number of seats in the BiH Parliament and that the SNSD will be offered to work in the interest of Republika Srpska.

“No Entity or people will be deprived of any seat. One-third of seats will always be for Serb people representatives from Srpska. We are only changing parliamentary procedures as the present ones have been used for a sort of blockade of Parliament. We want to unblock it and for Parliament to be complete, which was the only aim of our initiative,” Šarović explained.

He says that Parliament must work in times of crisis and that no one, “no matter how strong or big, can block it for their interests,” announced the SDS.

Šarović has said that the initiative to unblock the BiH Parliament was not launched because of the SDS or the PDP, but that all parties will be offered to fill vacancies in commissions, in keeping with their strength.

“The strongest ones will have the greatest number of seats in commissions,” Šarović said.

He reiterated that due to the blockade of the BiH Parliament, important projects are on hold as well as more than BAM 2 billion for infrastructure, flood protection, energy efficiency.

“Of the total amount of money, 50% goes to Republika Srpska,” Šarović said. /end/sg