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SARAJEVO, JANUARY 16 /SRNA/ - At a Christmas reception held today in the Metropolitanate building in Sarajevo, His Grace Metropolitan of Dabar and Bosnia Hrizostom expressed the conviction that everything that was missed in previous years, will be compensated this year, pointing out to the issue of property that should be restored to the Serbian Orthodox Church.


Metropolitan Hrizostom has warned that by the failure to restore the property to churches and religious communities, fundamental human and religious rights are being violated.

“The building of the Theological Faculty in Sarajevo has not been restored and is being economically exploited. We want to believe that the current BiH Presidency and the BiH Parliamentary Assembly will finally put the issue of the passage of a law on restitution on their agenda,” Metropolitan Hrizostom said.

He has said that the law on restitution was jointly prepared more than 15 years ago, but that it is kept locked in drawers of BiH bureaucracy.

The Metropolitan has said that one cannot expect blessing and prosperity on injustice and usurpation of someone else’s property.

“A precondition for every peace is a goodwill among people. We want and pray to God to have goodwill among us. First, among us in churches and religious communities, and then among all citizens of this country, and particularly among those who were democratically elected to rule and represent citizens,” Metropolitan Hrizostom said.

He has expressed the conviction that essentially and not formally, “a buffer” between human and ethnic relations in BiH has been moved, and that a good direction was taken, adding that the care for a human being, as the greatest value after God, should be in the first place, as a de-humanized state becomes a loser.

“All these are consequences and results of de-humanization of a human being and of making life in this country senseless. I urge all of us to do everything that we can, both the society and the religious communities, to change the poor image of our reality,” Hrizostom said.

He wished everyone at the reception and all citizens a Happy and Blessed New 2020.

The reception was attended by Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik, Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers Staša Košarac, ambassadors accredited in BiH and representatives of religious, political and cultural life in BiH. /end/sg