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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - January 20, 2020




BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said today in Banjaluka that it was very important for Republika Srpska officials to have good communication and understanding with the Serbian Orthodox Church /SOC/.

SKOPLJE, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - The greatest recognition awarded by the Serbian people in North Macedonia - Saint Sava Charter, will be awarded to Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik on Monday, January 27, in Skoplje, SRNA has learned.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Deputy Speaker of the Republika Srpska National Assembly Milan Petković told SRNA today that amendments to the parliamentary rules of procedure should be adopted in the first six months of the year in order to further improve the work of the highest legislative institution.

LONDON, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Minister of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska Natalija Trivić has told SRNA that the participation at the World Education Forum in London is an opportunity to exchange experiences regarding the future of education with participants from 146 countries.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - President of the Republika Srpska Organization of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians Veljko Lazić has said it is necessary to accelerate the search for missing Serbs in BiH.

SREBRENICA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - The “11 March” Company in Potočari near Srebrenica changed its production program after many years of stagnation and privatization, and instead of lead shots, tin bars, and other similar products, it started processing aluminum waste which it melts and produces aluminum rondelles and molds of different profiles.


BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said today in Banjaluka that BiH could live only if it returns to the genuine Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution, otherwise it will be the country “to the liking of international criminals, as was former High Representatives Paddy Ashdown.”

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - SDS presidency member Vukota Govedarica says that the issue of election of authentic representatives of one of the peoples in BiH should be resolved by the FBiH Election Law and not the BiH Election Law.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Damir Arnaut, a member of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, today informed the leadership of the Alliance for a Better Future for BiH /SBB/ that he would leave the party and would act as an independent member of Parliament.


SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - A group of citizens gathered in front of the Sarajevo Canton Government building to protest against air pollution, and Canton Prime Minister Edin Forto told them that he would today have meetings with representatives of several embassies to ask for money to resolve this problem.


BELGRADE, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has said that he will take part at the 5th World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem Memorial Center in Israel together with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and expressed satisfaction with the fact that their intensive dialogue resumed this year as well.

PRIŠTINA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - President of provisional institutions of self-government in Kosovo and Metohija Hašim Tači has sent an official note to the Kosovo Parliament, informing it that Aljbin Kurti is the prime minister-designate.

BELGRADE, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - This year’s recipient of NIN’s award is Saša Ilić for his novel “Pas i kontrabas”, the jury announced.


PODGORICA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - His Eminence retired Bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina Atanasije today sent a message to Montenegrin President Milo Đukanović saying that Serbia could not have seized churches from Montenegrins in 1918 given that they did not exist then as a nation. /end/sg