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BANJALUKA, FEBRUARY 21 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Government today adopted a program of resolution of problems of displaced persons, returnees and refugees for this year by which BAM 8,635,300 from the Republika Srpska Budget has been put into operation and which provides significant support to the return of Serbs to the FBiH.


Of this amount, BAM 6,417,000 is intended for a comprehensive resolution of problems of refugees, displaced persons and returnees and realization of their rights, says a press release from the Republika Srpska Government’s Public Relations Office.

At today’s session, the Government also adopted a report on the implementation of the program for resolution of problems of displaced persons, returnees and refugees for the year 2019 which says that of the total planned amount of money, BAM 5,741,535 was transferred to the Republic Secretariat for Displaced Persons and Migration, and BAM 5,671,249 /98.78%/ was used for the implementation of the program.

Money was spent on health insurance for refugees, displaced persons and returnees, alternative accommodation, reconstruction of housing units and necessary utility infrastructure, reintegration of returnees and integration of displaced persons.

Money was also spent on the reconstruction of cultural and religious buildings for the sake of return to Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, the implementation of migration policy measures and support for persons who underwent readmission, association of funds for joint projects financed by the BiH Return Fund and for aid to associations dealing with problems of displaced persons, refugees and returnees.

The Government today also made a decision to form regional monitoring teams for the fight against human trafficking in Republika Srpska.

“Monitoring teams for the fight against human trafficking will be formed in Banjaluka, Prijedor, Doboj, Bijeljina, East Sarajevo and Trebinje, and the decision regulates their organization, composition, competences and other issues of importance for the work of regional monitoring teams,” says the press release.

Team are founded to improve functional ties between public prosecutor’s offices, police, labor inspections, social welfare institutions and other relevant bodies in Republika Srpska which are taking part in activities aimed at suppressing and preventing human trafficking.

“Teams are open for participation of other authorized subjects involved in the prevention and suppression of human trafficking in these regions with the aim of a more efficient fight against human trafficking. Also, regional monitoring teams cooperate in activities to suppress and prevent human trafficking,” says the press release.

Regional monitoring teams will be tasked with collecting and analyzing information on trends in human trafficking in their areas, with analyzing and estimating a legal framework, institutional framework, human and other capacities needed for an appropriate response to human trafficking and with proposing measures for improvement.

Teams should improve cooperation between prosecutors and police officers in discovering crimes of human trafficking, exchanging information and should improve their cooperation with other institutions in charge of suppressing human trafficking and providing aid to human trafficking victims. They should conduct preventive activities in the fight against human trafficking and conduct campaigns aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking, its forms, causes and risks.

Teams will develop capacities of institutions involved in the fight against human trafficking, particularly in the identification of victims, will provide for sustainable programs and procedures for proactive protection of victims and their witnesses, and will provide aid to victims of all forms of human trafficking, particularly to vulnerable groups. One of their tasks is a reduction of risk for victimization and re-victimization of victims and their witnesses.

Regional monitoring teams will plan and undertake coordinated activities in creating individual rehabilitation programs, in reintegration and re-socialization of identified victims of human trafficking and victims’ witnesses and will implement activities stipulated by strategic documents pertaining to this field in Republika Srpska. /end/sg