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BELGRADE, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - Radical Muslims are threatening to kill journalist Muhamed Kovačević from Sarajevo, who was investigating the crimes of the Serb executioner Husein Mujanović`, the wartime warden of the prison in Hrasnica, Belgrade based daily newspaper "Večernje novosti" writes.


Kovačević has told "Novosti" that Mujanovic's sentence of ten years in prison was justified and correct, and he hopes that at least 15 more people will end up behind bars for crimes against Serbs in Hrasnica and Ilidža.

"This especially refers to the war commander Fikret Prevljak, who is today one of the most important people of the SDA and Bakir Izetbegović", Kovačević points out.

He claims that Mujanović came to Hrasnica before the war and that he was appointed warden of the camp by the "Sandžak line", which already existed there.

"Thanks to the team of bandits from Hrasnica, Huso used that moment to harass Serbs in Hrasnica. I also knew a neighbor of a Serb who was personally beaten by Mujanović. He died in 1996 and did not have time to make a statement," Kovačević said.

"Novosti" writes that Muhamed Kovačević investigated war crimes against Serbs from Ilidža and Hrasnica for 18 months. He is one of the first people from Ilidža who speaks publicly about the crimes of Mujanović and bandits from Hrasnica against Serbs.

Today, "Novosti" adds, he is the target of radical Muslims who are looking for his head and crucifying him on social networks, calling him a traitor and the leader in that claims is the Association "4th Knight Motorized Brigade".

Kovačević wonders how to report them at all, when he is threatened by those who are in authority.

Muhamed Kovačević has pointed out that the whole story about the prison in Hrasnica from May 25 to October 1992 was terrible, and that Serbs were killed in it only during the period when Mujanović was the warden.

"When he went, there were no more murders of Serbs in prison. But, it is interesting that no report was found for May and June. There is also a terrible story about the Serb Miloš Hrnjez, whose bones cannot be found even today, and he was in prison during Mujanović 's time", Kovačević added.

Husein Mujanović was sentenced to ten years in prison before the Belgrade High Court for crimes against Serbs in the Hrasnica camp, which he managed in 1992.

He was arrested in 2018 at a border crossing between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been in custody in Serbia ever since. /end/bo