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BANJA LUKA, JULY 11 /SRNA/ - According to estimates, there are about 105,000 mines in BiH, of which 30,000 in Republika Srpska, and because of that the mine action is carried out every day, said SRNA Bojan Klepić, the Head of the Banja Luka Office of the Mine Action Center in BiH.


"The dangerous area in BiH is currently 967.74 square kilometers, of which 194.76 square kilometers or 20.12 percent refers to the Republika Srpska. The total number of dangerous micro-locations in the Republika Srpska is 2,429, and 507 endangered communities are registered. 28,611 people live under the direct evidence of mine danger", Klepić added.

Klepić has reminded that from 1996 to this year, 210 square kilometers were demined in BiH, of which 66 square kilometers in the Republika Srpska or 32 percent of the total demined area in BiH.

"BiH, as a signatory to the International Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines, and in accordance with the Mine Action Strategy, is obliged to remove the remaining mines and explosive devices by 2025. Due to lack of financial resources, currently most field activities are slow. The realization of annual operational goals and set deadlines has also been called into question", Klepić said.

He has said that from 1996 to this year, 1,761 people injured by mines in BiH, of which 615 died. /end/bo