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TESLIĆ, JULY 12 /SRNA/ - SNSD President Milorad Dodik has stated that Srebrenica is a place where one truth cannot be favored, but it must be built on facts, and not on speculations.


Speaking about the intention to impose a law that would defend the denial of the alleged genocide in Srebrenica, Dodik hs said it shows that it is a "questionable truth", and the truth has to be exact and accepted by everyone.

"We say and it is true that a serious crime was committed in Srebrenica and that Bosniaks were killed, but it is not what they are talking about", Dodik told reporters in Teslić, adding that Serbs and members of other nations were killed there.

He has pointed out that the pain of Srebrenica's mothers in both white and black scarves is respected, and that "some things" about that place must be said, which can only be done by a strong political party such as the SNSD.

"I have recently heard a constant demand to ban something and deny it. You cannot build the truth on it. Did something happen or not. If something is suspicious, like their story when they want to say that genocide was happened, then it cannot be forced by law. It is just a story about a new verbal delict or something like that", Dodik explained.

He has pointed out that Serbs are a people who survived the genocide in two wars, and now experience that the descendant of those who committed crimes - the Austro-Hungarians, now in the person of High Representative Valentin Inzko, is giving a lecture to Serbs about it.

Dodik has reminded that Austro-Hungarian had a concentration camp for Serbs in Doboj in 1915, and Inzko is now lecturing Serbs and moralizing about all that.

He has reminded that former US President Bill Clinton spoke about Srebrenica yesterday, and it is known that he asked Muslim leader Alija Izetbegović to sacrifice 5,000 Bosniaks so that he could do something.

Dodik has added that Clinton is now behaving triumphantly in all this, and Serbs should suffer that kind of injustice, which they will not agree to, and the SNSD will speak about it publicly.

"If we can agree that the truth is built on facts, not speculations, and if the truth can be determined exactly, and it can, then we can be a part of the whole reconciliation project in BiH. If someone wants to write history through favored international institutions, such was the Hague tribunal, which only judged Serbs, we are not behind that. Nobody can force us to do that", Dodik said. /end/bo