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SREBRENICA, JULY 13 /SRNA/ - Members of the Eastern Alternative Association of Republika Srpska and a group of citizens, under strong security measures, paid their respects to Serbs killed in Srebrenica prison camps and laid flowers near the buildings of the former police station and the Srebrenica Municipal Court.


Prison camps were located in these buildings during the past war where dozens of Serbian civilians and captured soldiers were killed.

President of the Eastern Alternative Association Vojin Pavlović has told Srna that the Association has data and evidence proving that Milisav Milovanović, Bogdan Živanović, Kostadin Popović, Dragutin Kukić, Branko Sekulić, Dragan Ilić, Jakov Đokić, Milomir Đukić and Mirko Marković were tortured and brutally killed in the former police station building.

Pavlović has stressed that there was no genocide against Bosniaks in Srebrenica as the IC and the Western media are saying.

“Serbs were systematically killed here and everything that is Serbian was destroyed during the war. Crimes were committed on both sides, but Serbs were sentenced to several hundred years in prison for crimes against Bosniaks, and no one has been brought to justice for crimes against Serbs, which shows how the ICTY and BiH judiciaries are operating and confirms their bias and partiality," Pavlović said.

He has stressed that it is absurd that courts want to write history instead of scientists and historians and that some want to turn tendentious court rulings into historical facts, which is inadmissible.

Pavlović claims that crimes were committed in Srebrenica against both peoples but that when it comes to percentages, Serbs suffered more, and that this can be easily calculated and proven when one compares the number of members of each people in the 1991 population census and the number of the killed.

He has stressed that Serbs in the Srebrenica prison camps were tortured, butchered, skewered, and were dying in agony, that their names are not known and that it is an obligation of descendants, the Serbian people and the government to mark these places as they represent the truth which must not be either hidden or forgotten.

“No one was brought to justice for crimes against imprisoned Serbs or Serbs who at the beginning of the war were loyal to the Muslim authorities, and they all ended up in Srebrenica prisons from where only a few were exchanged only to die shortly after that from consequences of the torture. No one was brought to justice for other crimes against Serbs in the Podrinje region either, which is sad and shameful for the judiciary,” Pavlović said.

He has said that the Eastern Alternative Association continues to fight for truth, which one should not be afraid of, and that it is true that prison camps were in these buildings where Serbs were tortured and killed.

For eleven years, Association members pay their respects on July 13 each year, they are lighting candles for those killed and laying flowers at these buildings, demanding from Republika Srpska institutions to include the date into a calendar of important historical dates that will be regularly marked.

“The reason why we are paying our respects to Serbs killed in Srebrenica prison camps on July 13 is that on that date in 1992 people found out about a group of Serbs who were captured on July 12 in the village of Zalazje and taken to Srebrenica. It was confirmed later that they were taken to the former police station where they were questioned, tortured, and where every trace of them disappeared. Ten of them are still listed as missing,” say members of the Eastern Alternative Association.

After Srebrenica, members of the Eastern Alternative Association will pay a visit to Kravica near Bratunac, where they will also pay their respects and lay flowers in a place where Serb police officers Bogoljub Dragičević and Željko Ninković were killed. /end/sg