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BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 8 /SRNA/ - Director of Documentation and Information Center "Veritas" Savo Štrbac said that, according to new data, 1,872 Serbs were killed and disappeared in the Croatian criminal operation "Storm", of which 1,221 were civilians.


Štrbac has pointed out that the "Storm" is still going on, because the consequences of that criminal action are still being recorded, so the number of victims is changing.

He has indicated that the returnees are leaving Croatia again, which he called a silent exodus and it is not recorded, but people are still leaving.

Štrbac has mentioned that more than 400,000 Serbs disappeared in Croatia in 20 years.

"The biggest Serb`s cities were Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek because the most Serbs lived there", Štrbac told ATV.

Štrbac has said that there are dozens of Serb`s villages in Croatia, which do not have electricity, water supply, everything they used to have, and that the few people who live there have no communication with doctors and schools.

Those conditions, in which they live, are not adequate and Croatia is a member of the EU, NATO and other international associations, said Štrbac.

He has indicated that the most of those indicated for crimes in Croatia were prosecuted and acquitted, and reminded of Grubori, for which all courts, except in Croatia, determined that a crime had taken place. /end/bo