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EAST SARAJEVO, AUGUST 14 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has said that Srpska will not succumb to conditioning by anyone, including the EU, and that it will not undermine competences that belong to it by the Constitution and the coordination mechanism for the sake of some financial aid.


“They cannot make us choose between the EU’s aid and survival of Republika Srpska. We will always choose Republika Srpska,” Višković told reporters commenting on reporting by federal news outlets that Srpska “is guilty” because BiH cannot get EUR 250 million of the EU’s aid to deal with consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

He has said that out of the 650 questions sent by the European Commission, more than 600 have been agreed upon and that 14 remain disputable which can be resolved only through agreement.

“There are some issues from the European Commission’s Opinion that at the moment are not acceptable for Republika Srpska. We cannot allow the Entity vote to be abolished because someone wants to help us or does not want to help us,” he said.

He has said that Srpska will not fulfill anyone’s “musical wishes” as this would mean that it should renounce some of its competences.

Višković says that he presented to EU representatives clear positions of Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik, Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović, the Government and all Republika Srpska institutions.

“I call on representatives of the EU and the European Commission not to blackmail Srpska with the aid. It is not fair. If the pandemic hit Europe, the whole world, including the Balkans, Republika Srpska, and BiH, then it would be fair for them to act as the International Monetary Fund /IMF/ did,” Višković said.

He says that the IMF, which was criticized by many, was the fairest during the coronavirus epidemic and approved funds to BiH, including Republika Srpska, without any conditions.

“I call on the EU not to put conditions if it wants to help citizens of BiH and Republika Srpska as it says,” said Višković.

He has stressed that Republika Srpska has always been and it will always be for talks and agreements and noted that the coordination mechanism should be changed.

He has said that Republika Srpska has suffered damage for 25 years because of BiH and that everyone should be clear that issues that are detrimental to Republika Srpska will never be accepted. /end/sg