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EAST SARAJEVO, JANUARY 27 /SRNA/ - Serb member and chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik congratulated the governor of Saint Petersburg, Alexander Dmitryevich Beglov, and the residents of this city on the Leningrad Liberation Day marking the liberation from the fascist siege in the Second World War.


Dodik pointed out that the courage and strength of the then Leningrad defenders was an important symbol of the Soviet people’s will to resist fascists’ invasion, announced the Office of the Serb member and chairman of the BiH Presidency.

Recalling that German forces had besieged Leningrad for 872 days during World War II, Dodik stressed that the city's population had shown maximum endurance and courage, while on the other hand the evil and heinous methods of exhausting people inherent in the fascist ideologies came to light.

Dodik emphasizes that remembering the heroism and courage of the residents of besieged Leningrad is still living in the heart of every well-meaning and civilized man and will remain as an eternal reminder of the evil committed by the fascists in the Second World War.

"I wish you and all Saint Petersburg residents peace, joy and prosperity, and that such evil never repeats to anyone again," Dodik said.

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Saint Petersburg, then Leningrad, from the Nazi siege during World War II.

The siege of Leningrad began in September 1941 and lasted for 872 days, until January 27, 1944, when it ended during the Soviet operation "Iskra".

Leningrad is the only big city in history that has withstood a siege of almost 900 days.

800,000 out of the three million residents before the war remained in the city by the end of the siege. According to various estimates, between 641,000 and a million people lost their lives during the siege. /end/vos