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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - September 9, 2019




EAST SARAJEVO, September 9 /SRNA/ - Minister of Labour and Protection of Disabled Persons and Veterans of Republika Srpska Duško Milunović stated Monday in East Sarajevo that Serbs and Srpska will never be part of a military-political alliance unless Serbia is in it too.

BELGRADE, September 9 /SRNA/ - Serbian Ambassador in Moscow Miroslav Lazanski told Srna on Monday it is very important not to forget the NATO 1995 bombing of Republika Srpska, because NATO then directly sided with the enemies of Republika Srpska.

VIŠEGRAD, September 9 /SRNA/ - A memorial for eight fallen veterans of the Army of Republika Srpska from Višegrad and Rudo was unveiled in Brodar outside Višegrad on Monday.

BANJALUKA, September 9 /SRNA/ - Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević and Head of the Srpska Guarantee Fund Radivoj Krčmar signed a protocol of cooperation in Banjaluka on Monday.

BANJALUKA, September 9 /SRNA/ - The Banjaluka city administration has put up several billboards in town reading “Pride of the City” to express gratitude to the students of the Banjaluka Gymnasium, who won the third place at a prestigious international competition in natural sciences in Moscow in team competition.


BANJALUKA, September 9 /SRNA/ - SNSD spokesman Radovan Kovačević reacted to a statement by SDS leader Mirko Šarović, who said that failure should be declared about the formation of the Council of Ministers and that someone else should try to do it, by saying that Šarović only cares about himself and the SDS, reminding Šarović that citizens declared the SDS’s failure in the elections.

SARAJEVO, September 9 /SRNA/ - BiH Minister of Defence Marina Pendeš says the Annual National Programme for NATO membership as a technical issue should not be a stumbling block in building BiH institutions and applying election results.

SARAJEVO, September 9 /SRNA/ - A little more than 7,000 tonnes of the 24,000 tonnes of weapons, ammunition and mines and explosives have remained in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including perspective ammunition, said the caretaker Minister of Defence Marina Pendeš.

SARAJEVO, September 9 /SRNA/ - The international credit-rating agency Standard & Poor’s credit rating for Bosnia and Herzegovina stands at B with positive outlook.


SARAJEVO, September 9 /SRNA/ - The FBiH Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramić handed out internship agreements to 75 returnees with university degree education, as well as agreements to 46 start-up businesses in Sarajevo on Monday.


BELGRADE, September 9 /SRNA/ - Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić voiced hope that it will be possible to resume negotiations after elections in Kosovo about a long-term, viable and compromise solution between Belgrade and Priština.

BELGRADE, September 9 /SRNA/ - The secretariat of the Southeast Europe Transport Observatory will open an office in Belgrade this week, Serbian Minister of Civil Engineering, Transport and infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović stated on Monday.


PODGORICA, September 9 /SRNA/ - US State Department Special Envoy to Western Balkans Matthew Palmer stated during talks with Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković that by appointing him, the United States sends a message that it focuses on the region again. /end/dš