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DOBOJ, September 9 /SRNA/ - Serb Member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik says the Monday gathering during the event “Exodus and Persistence” - a reminder of war events in Vozuća and the ethnic cleansing of more than 40,000 Serbs from Zenica, Žepče, Banovići, and Zavidovići is very important in order to present the truth about the suffering of Serbs that was supressed by the international factor.


"The city of Doboj and associations maintain the memory of the killing of people of Vozuća. It is a place that is remembered and known by the whole Republika Srpska, it is known for its suffering, heroism, exodus, the fact that no one has yet answered for many crimes or ethnic cleansing from there, it is remembered by the fact that there was the Mujahid unit El Mujahid under the command of Sakib Mahmuljin, who was recently declared an honorary citizen by the City of Zenica,” Dodik told the press ahead of the event.

He recalled that at the time, the current BiH Presidency member Šefik Džaferović was a police commander there and that he did not prevent the Mujahideen from killing the local Serbs.

"That, of course, proves that it is no wonder for them to act like that. But we must not forget!” said Dodik.

He noted that the story about Sarajevo was exaggerated, whereas there was no talk of 2,000 people from Vozuća banished, their long-term homes destroyed, lives ended, and material and technical resources destroyed, which need to be reconstructed.

"Everything that was made through generations had suddenly disappeared and now, it is as if no one is responsible for that,” said Dodik.

He added that no one from the international community had noticed the ethnic cleansing in Croatia either.

"That is what the Court and Prosecutor’s Office of BiH are acting like; they are obviously ignoring the fact of the suffering in Vozuća. That is why it is important that we are here this evening. We must not forget!” said Dodik.

He emphasised that it was important to come together, to send a message, say thanks, primarily to the city of Doboj, which was the first place that helped the people from Vozuća, showed them and provided them its potential, so that many of them could integrate there and start a new life.

Dodik noted that it was up to politicians to point to injustice and suffering. /end/dš