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MOSTAR, SEPTEMBER, 15 /SRNA/ - The Croatian National Assembly /HNS/ in BiH has announced on Sunday that the SDA Program declaration is unacceptable for Croats and leads to the destruction of BiH's foundations.


The HNS has rejected goals and course of action as defined in this declaration, which they consider totally unacceptable for the survival and stability of BiH.

"Such a declaration is unacceptable for Croats, who for many years in all the discussions with partners from the Bosniak side have been fighting for one of the most important foundations of the state – the equality of all peoples and citizens. With this declaration, the SDA shows a substantially opposite direction", the statement said.

HNS reminds that BiH is only possible as a state union of three fully equal constituent peoples.

"BiH is not, and will never be, a one-sided project made at the will of one people", HNS points out.

The statement states that the SDA Program declaration is evidence of organized political, ideological and media violence against Croats in BiH.

"Bosniak politics cannot be presented as well-intentioned, one that holds to citizens, building better relations and a promising future for BiH while at the same time pursuing a devastating policy and supporting obstruction", HNS points out.

HNS invites Bosniak political representatives to return to the talks for fair solutions that will bring well for everyone in BiH.

"Since the existing solutions do not provide full equality, it is necessary to amend the Constitution and the Election Law to ensure the right of legitimate representation of constituent peoples. We are bound by judgments of the courts and warned by European officials", HNS said.

HNS points out that it is necessary to find a broad political and social consensus as soon as possible and thus provide a stable political atmosphere, form the authority and return to the path towards the EU and NATO.

"All other things, such as the SDA Program declaration, are a way into the past, not in the future of BiH. HNS BiH will not be a part of the project of demolition of BiH, but its construction and, until now, leaders of positive values, open to dialogue and agreement for the benefit of all peoples and citizens of BiH", HNS said. /end/bo