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BANJALUKA, October 3 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik told Srna on Thursday it is ridiculous and frivolous of a member of the BiH Presidency to call on the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to respect the view of BiH institutions without respecting it himself.


"/Croat member of the BiH Presidency/ Željko Komšić persistently negates the fact that Republika Srpska has clearly opted for the policy of military neutrality and that, as far as I know, all parties in Srpska respect that fact,” emphasised Dodik.

He asked why, if everything in BiH about the issue of NATO integration was finished, there was still some talk about it and why the Serbs were asked to sign the Annual National Programme for NATO membership.

"If Bosniaks can continue the process of NATO integration without Serbs and Republika Srpska, why don’t they do that? If Republika Srpska’s stance cannot be incorporated in the BiH’s stance, then they should state it publicly,” said Dodik.

He underlined that the Russian Federation was sticking to its policy towards BiH, based on respecting the Dayton Peace Agreement.

"Komšić and others should respect that too. Republika Srpska’s stance about the NATO integration is not the stance of the Russian Federation, but the stance of Republika Srpska and we have spoken about our reasons for such a decision many times,” said Dodik.

Commenting on Lavrov’s statement that the United States and some Western European countries were trying to drag BiH into NATO, Komšić called on the Russian diplomacy chief to respect decisions of BiH institutions and added: “It is the BiH Presidency’s unanimous decision, which has never been recalled, retracted or changed, that BiH wants to be a member of NATO.”/end/dš