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BANJALUKA, October 3 /SRNA/ - President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović stated on Thursday that on the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European path there can be no high representative nor foreign judges in the judicial system.


She pointed out that she would be happy if High Representative Valentin Inzko said that the times of imposing solutions were gone.

"I have always claimed that in this kind of system there is no room for a high representative, because the time of interventionism is long behind us,” Cvijanović told the press in Banjaluka.

She stated that irresponsible politics that came from Sarajevo politicians was used to having the high representative’s support for the political goals they set.

"Counter-processes have been going on here for years and as a result we have a spoilt Sarajevo. How can one be a serious collocutor who signs an agreement and then 15 minutes later says it is not valid and makes up a condition to make the implementation of what was signed more difficult,” said Cvijanović.

She underlined that the processes of forming the authorities at the BiH level were obstructed by an irresponsible policy of Sarajevo politicians, not by Srpska or its election winners.

"Republika Srpska has given its contribution to the formation of authorities at the BiH level, its representatives have taken part in talks. We advocate a concept by which election winners have to exercise power. BiH is not a constituency for any position or level of authority; authority is composed on the basis of election results from the two constituencies - Srpska and the Federation of BiH,” said Cvijanović.

She reiterated that there was no agreement in BiH about the Annual National Programme /ANP/ for the path to NATO and asked why that question was then raised as a condition for the formation of authorities.

"If this is the policy of conditioning, then we too will add some conditions which I know there will not be any agreement about,” emphasised Cvijanović. /end/dš