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SARAJEVO, October 8 /SRNA/ - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in Belgrade on Tuesday that roads are synonym for civilization and life, thus the motorway connecting Belgrade and Sarajevo will bring Serbia and BiH closer together and prevent the outflow of population in the future.


After meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and members of the BiH Presidency, Erdogan said the Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway would make the region a place that attracts people and makes it accessible.

"This means that people will no longer have to leave their home country," the Turkish president noted.

Thanking Vučić for hosting Tuesday's Serbia-BiH-Turkey trilateral meeting, Erdogan said that the trilateral meeting, as well as Monday's bilateral meeting with the Serbian president, which as he said was focused on relations between the two countries, was extremely fruitful.

"The point of today's meeting is to take the entire region into consideration," Erdogan noted.

He added that the problems related to the formation of the Council of Ministers in BiH 12 months later must be solved because without that there is no efficient continuation of work.

Erdogan announced that a trilateral meeting would be held in Turkey next May, while prior to it one meeting would be held in BiH.

"May dear friend Vučić, I would like to thank you once again for hosting the summit. I look forward to the upcoming summits," the Turkish president said.

Vučić, Erdogan and members of the BiH Presidency will attend the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the construction of the Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway in Sremska Rača at 4 p.m. /end/vos