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BANJALUKA, October 8 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said in Brussels on Tuesday that without authorities being formed, BiH cannot hope for funds from the EU budget earmarked for the Western Balkans that will be significantly higher than in the previous period.


Cvijanović, who is on a two-day visit to Brussels, notes that meetings with senior EU officials are taking place at a time when there is no authorities formed at the level of BiH or the Federation of BiH, a year after the general elections.

She emphasizes this is an aggravating element in communications and in agreeing on certain things.

According to her, the EU expectations are aimed precisely at BiH fulfilling its obligation, which is quite normal and logical, implying that the authorities are formed, and that they have an interlocutor with authority and capacity to negotiate and agree on certain things.

Cvijanović tells RTRS that she reiterated at the meetings in Brussels that Republika Srpska wants to move on a European path, is aware of its obligations on that path, and that it has prepared its institutions for it.

She adds that Srpska knows what its obligations are on that long path, which involves a series of reforms that will make it easier for all citizens of Republika Srpska to function and live.

"I am not pleased as it is frustrating to hear that the EU budget earmarked significant funds for the Western Balkans states, but that one simply has no interlocutors to talk to and discuss the subject. In the end, no matter what, the message is negative because if you do not have formed authorities, there isn’t much you can do," Cvijanović said.

When it comes to planning IPA assistance, but also all other things related to these aspects, Republika Srpska, as she stated, has teams that will work hard on it.

"But, in essence, the message is again negative, because unless you have authorities formed at the BiH level and the level of FBiH that will partner with Srpska, but also the Council of Ministers, you can't really do much," Cvijanović added.

She has warned there is a standstill in BiH at a time when power is being formed in the EU and when it is more or less known what those positions will look like and which countries will head certain sectors,.

"Who are the interlocutors to be able to appear within BiH and when it will happen are their biggest doubts. Of course, everyone is burdened with various statements made within BiH, and messages that the authorities will not be formed until next local elections and then maybe not even until the next general election," said Cvijanović.

According to her, that means a big deadlock and four years of wasted time.

"In the meantime, everyone else in the region will be committed to working and preparing projects, and looking for way how to implement some infrastructure programmes and projects important to the citizens and, ultimately, receive aid for reform. /end/vos