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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 8 /SRNA/ - SNSD leader Milorad Dodik stated that the DNS has been the SNSD’s long-term partner, that it still is one, and that he wants them to keep working together on the issues concerning the development of Republika Srpska, which they preserved together and prevented from becoming an empty shell.


"We have proved to be a stable and strong coalition which managed, during turbulent and hard times of general attacks on Republika Srpska, to prevent attempts to transfer competences from Republika Srpska to the state level and made sure that Srpska now has its structure. Had those tendencies continued in 2006, today Republika Srpska would be an empty shell,” Dodik told the press in Banjaluka after the marking of the DNS patron saint’s day, St Demetrius Day.

According to him, there is a need for additional engagement of the SNSD-DNS coalition in order to prevent the political views and opinions that BiH is more important and more needed than Republika Srpska in order to materialise what the SDA leader Bakir Izetbegović is persistently trying to impose that Sarajevo is superordinate to the Entities, even though the Constitution stipulates that the Entities are superordinate to the joint state.

"That is the process around which the main political dynamics in BiH will revolve for a long time. The
DNS realised that and together with the SNSD, SP and since recently with other political parties such as the NDP and United Srpska shows that Srpska is sustainable and that unity which we have nurtured for years is necessary as a prerequisite without any kind of stance or engagement,” stated Dodik, who wished the DNS leadership and members a happy patron saint’s day.

The celebration was attended by the party’s leadership, heads of the regional boards, party members from many local communities, and representatives of other political parties, diplomats and public figures.

Among others, there were NDP leader Dragan Čavić and Socialist Party secretary general Slobodan Protić. /end/dš