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BRATUNAC, 8 NOVEMBER /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković said today that a statesman of a huge European country has finally realized BiH’s problem of returning jihadists, something Srpska has been warning about for years, while no one in BiH is seriously dealing with it.


Viškovic called on the Ministry of Security in the Council of Ministers to finally start doing its part in dealing with the migrant crisis and the return of the people from the foreign battlefields, as this represents a security problem for BiH, and thus for Republika Srpska.

"Those people are ready for anything. They have to be under constant control, they must not be left without it," Višković said, commenting on yesterday's statement by French President Emmanuel Macron that BiH has become a time-bomb because of the returning Islamic militants.

The Republika Srpska prime minister said that the task of the BiH institutions is to address the issue, although despite the warnings about the danger of Islamic State militants coming to BiH, which is a major problem, no one in BiH is seriously dealing with this issue.

"I am pleased that the statesman of a large European country has finally realized what BiH’s problem is, which we have been warning about for years," Višković said.

In an interview with The Economist Magazine, French President Emmanuel Macron described Bosnia and Herzegovina as a "time-bomb" ticking right next to Croatia facing the problem of returning jihadists, and pointed out that procedures for EU membership had to be reformed, “as they no longer serve their purpose, they are neither strategic nor political, rather bureaucratic and irreversible.”

"You have to be able to consider the issue of reversibility at some point. Secondly, if you are concerned about this region /Balkans/, the main issue is neither North Macedonia nor Albania. It is Bosnia and Herzegovina. A time-bomb that is ticking right next to Croatia and faces the problem of returning jihadists,” said Macron. /end/vos