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BRATUNAC, NOVEMBER 8 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukač told SRNA today that it is well-known that the more jihadists per capita have left BiH for foreign battlefields than any other European country, therefore their return will certainly not be good for BiH.


"We know that hundreds of them, I hope it is established those are BiH citizens for sure, are mostly located in camps across Syria, where they are captured and disarmed waiting to return to BiH. Their return will certainly not be a good thing for BiH," Lukač said when asked to comment on the statement by French President Emmanuel Macron that BiH is a "time-bomb" ticking right next to Croatia facing the problem of returning jihadists.

Lukač pointed out it was about the people who went to war not only because of money, but because of ideology.

Therefore, he warns, they cannot be expected to behave normally here and to cease their activities, as it is about the persons, who are the members of terrorist organizations, returning from warfare.

"They will certainly try to recruit new, young followers who consider them heroes. We know there are dozens of parajamates in BiH which are not state-controlled - they live by their laws and customs, they do not recognize the laws of BiH. European leaders, who have repeatedly talked about BiH in terms of potential danger, have such information.

He explained the above mentioned danger refers to the jihadist warriors, the Wahhabi movement, i.e. all those people who are radically inclined; it is mainly about Islamic extremism, which Macron has warned about.

"We have to pay attention to these statements. This is not the first time; more European leaders have talked about BiH and the problem of radicalism. Islamic extremism is dangerous not only for the surrounding countries, but for the entire Europe," Lukač said.

The interior minister recalled that many terrorist attacks have taken place on European soil in recent years, many of which were related to BiH – either involving persons from BiH, persons related to BiH or weapons or explosives from BiH.

"This is the information the various services have, based on which analyzes are made and conclusion is reached that BiH is becoming a time-bomb that can pose a danger to the entire Europe," Lukač said. /end/vos