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BRATUNAC, NOVEMBER 8 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković said today that the opening of a new production facility at the Technical Overhaul Bratunac /TRB/ is the most beautiful gift on St. Demetrius Day, the Company’s Patron St.’s Day, to not only this local community but to the whole of Republika Srpska.


“We are here today to mark the TRB’s Patron Saint’s Day, and it is customary among Serbs to give presents on Parton St.’s Day /Slava/, and a gift to Republika Srpska, the Birač region and Bratunac is a new production facility in which BAM one million was invested,” Višković told reporters in Bratunac.

According to him, TRB employs at the moment 230 workers, and he gives special support to it as today 26 women were employed under permanent employment contracts; they are expected to be concentrated and precise, and they are much better in it than men.

“It is very important for Republika Srpska that all the products from the new TRB production facility will be exported, which is excellent for the Republika Srpska presentation in the whole world,” the Republika Srpska Prime Minister said.

Višković has said that the TRB management, with the support from the Republika Srpska Government, will soon introduce new production lines.

He also welcomed efforts of the Bratunac local administration to make Bratunac a good place for living, all the more because this local community has recorded a positive birth rate.

According to him, TRB has taken the same path, and by developing Bratunac, it is also developing Republika Srpska.

Republika Srpska Minister of the Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petričević wished the Company a happy Patron St.’s Day /Slava/ and expressed satisfaction that the Company’s business is on the rise, that it has expanded the range of products and opened new production facilities.

According to him, the support of the line Ministry to the TRB defense industry production is unquestionable in the future, as it has been so far.

Director-General of the Technical Overhaul Bratunac Slavenko Ristić thanked Prime Minister Višković and high-ranking guests who today attended the celebration of the Company’s Patron St.’s Day and the opening of a new defense industry production facility.

He announced the opening of new defense industry production facilities in TRB.

Ristić particularly thanked Prime Minister Višković and his Cabinet for the support to the Company and promised new, great business results.

Ristić also sent words of gratitude to Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik, who could not have been in Bratunac today due to prior obligations, but sent a telegram of support and greetings on the occasions of TRB’s Patron St.’s Day.

Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković and Director-General of Technical Overhaul Bratunac Slavenko Ristić opened the Company’s new production facility today which employs 26 women.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Republika Srpska Minister of the Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petričević, Minister of Transport and Communications Neđo Trninić, representatives of Republika Srpska and joint BiH institutions, and a great number of businessmen and mayors. /end/sg