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BRATUNAC, NOVEMBER 8 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Internal Affairs Minister Dragan Lukač has told SRNA that the migrant crisis in BiH is on its peak and that it certainly won’t end this year.


Lukač says that this is confirmed by a statement from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on prospects for Turkey to open its borders to Europe and for almost four million migrants to move on.

He has said that BiH is the only remaining migrant route and that all these people would come to BiH and jeopardize the domestic population and their way of life, given the fact that migrants are carrying with them many crimes - from the lightest ones to the grave ones, not only thefts and their mutual clashes.

“Are we in BiH ready to oppose them, namely, to control millions of people that could appear here? We certainly are not, as we failed to respond to numbers we had so far if we can say they are dozens of thousands,” Lukač said in Bratunac.

He has said that the Ministry of Security in a caretaking capacity, which should respond to the migrant crisis, has completely failed.

“They were talking that this would not be a problem for BiH, that not so many migrants would come here, but now when they appeared, they do not know what to do and have hit a brick’s wall,” Lukač said.

Earlier, he has said, they forecast that migrants will not be a problem for BiH and that it is not a country that is interesting to them.

“We saw these were wrong forecasts, particularly from the level of BiH. Today, we have a situation, particularly in the Unna-Sana Canton, where the crisis is on its peak and where they do not know what to do with these people, so they are trying to accommodate them in Serbian villages. They will not get approval for this from the Serbian people,” Lukač said.

He has warned that this would amount to the violation of the Dayton Agreement and Annex 7 pertaining to return, that Serbs would probably again leave their homes, and would certainly never come back.

The Republika Srpska Minister of Internal Affairs has explained that the Serbian people in these villages could not assimilate with people who came from 30 countries of the Arab world, with whom they would hardly be able to find common prospects and coexistence.

He has said that even greater problem is the fact that the Council of Ministers in a caretaking capacity, it seems, does not want to deal with this problem and that it doesn’t care about it.

“Migrants in BiH are left to themselves, as well as our people who meet them every day and don’t know what to do,” Lukač said.

When asked to comment on a statement from French President Emanuel Macron that NATO is facing “the brain death” Lukač has said that he does not intend to comment on the statement from the French President given that this high-ranking world official certainly knows what he is talking about.

“Obviously Macron has much more information than I to be able to comment. But I know that Republika Srpska does not intend to join NATO and be a member of that military alliance. The Republika Srpska National Assembly made a decision on military neutrality and it does not have any intention, just like Serbia, to take a path to NATO,” Lukač said. /end/sg