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MILIĆI, NOVEMBER 8 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković told SRNA this evening in Milići that he had sincere talks with the leadership of the Republika Srpska Union of Employers’ Association and businessmen from the Birač region about their current problems in doing business and about legal solutions that could improve the business environment in Srpska.


“The Republika Srpska Government has extremely good cooperation with the Union of Employers’ Associations whose representatives this evening presented effects of the Memorandum of 2017, and we agreed that more than 85% of measures from the document have been either implemented or are in the final phase of implementation,” said Višković.

According to him, many businessmen this evening said the meeting was their first opportunity to say something to government officials about problems they were facing while doing business.

He expressed satisfaction with the support of businessmen from the Birač region to the Republika Srpska Government’s Economic Policy measures.

Višković has confirmed that the Government is working to create a Republika Srpska Budget and economic policy measures for next year, adding that all quality suggestions from the field will be included in a final document.

According to him, meetings between representatives of the executive authorities and businessmen in local communities are good practice and an efficient form of cooperation with all social partners.

He announced similar meetings in other regions and with the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce.

Saša Trivić, a member of the Assembly of the Union of Employers’ Associations of Republika Srpska, told SRNA that this evening’s meeting had focused on reducing contributions for unemployment, abolishing taxes on the construction of business premises and taxes on turning agricultural land into construction land.

President of the Boksit Company of Milići Rajko Dukić has expressed satisfaction with the fact that the meeting was held at his initiative, and noted that this should become a practice in other regions of Republika Srpska as well.

“The meeting in Milići was very good, successful and well attended. I feel that the Birač region is very rich and that it should use its potentials and natural resources in the best possible way, primarily in the wood processing and mining sectors,” said Dukić.

He feels that the Republika Srpska Union of Employers’ Associations has a good concept of cooperation with the Government. /end/sg