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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER, 10 /SRNA/ - The Senate of the Republika Srpska concluded today that the institutions of the Republika Srpska should use all available political and legal means to prevent any further unconstitutional transformation of BiH, said President of the Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović.


"Some analysis also needs to be done to see how things within BiH can return to what constitutional structures is which has established today’s BiH, not what comes from possible imaginations or different interpretations", Cvijanović told to reporters in Banja Luka, after the Senate’s session which she was chaired.

She has emphasized that the Senate proposes that the institutions of Srpska, primarily the National Assembly, the Government, the Constitutional Court, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska and all organizations of public interest, be actively involved in the process of analysing the constitutional structure of BiH and the effects of the unconstitutional transformation of the transferred competences.

Cvijanović has stressed that the Senate calls on political factors in Republika Srpska to express unity each time when it is debated or when it is on the agenda the issue which is strategically important for Srpska because it is dealing with its position, jurisdiction or status.

She has stated that members of the Senate discussed at the session all relevant issues, such as the Bonn powers, as well as strikes on Republika Srpska, which have existed since its inception.

"We were dealing with that what these strikes and what such attacks produced on constitutional structure, what is the situation in which we live in BiH today, and what are the problems we are facing", Cvijanović said.

She has stated that the Senate was pleased that Republika Srpska had shown full democratic capacity after the elections and immediately established institutions of government, which work untroubledly and deal with serious problems.

"We discussed economic, financial and social issues and noted that there is stable growth and that the institutions are doing their job and that the promises which were made, in terms of increasing of salaries, pensions and more, are being fulfilled" Cvijanović noted.

She has added that the Senate supported the Government to continue to fulfill its obligations in this way, strengthening the economic and financial side of everyday life.

"We have unity within the Senate, but it also seeks unity among political subjects, both for tomorrow's session and every time it comes to big issues. Unfortunately, we have a situation in practice where many big issues are devaluated by certain political parties, and often it is not clear whether it is a misunderstanding or it is a part of a matrix for some behaviours", said Cvijanović.

She has stressed that she believes in the institutions of Republika Srpska, and pointed out to the importance of the National Assembly that brings some conclusions tomorrow, which will be realistic and can be carried out, and will allude a process in which enter all together within Republika Srpska.

The Senate session was attended by the Serb Member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, President of the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović and the Chairperson of the Council of Peoples of the Republika Srpska Nada Tešanović. /end/bo