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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER, 10 /SRNA/ - The President of the Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović has expressed her expectation that all deputies will show enough political unity on matters of strategic importance to Srpska at tomorrow's special session of the National Assembly.


Cvijanović has stressed the need for all deputies to say in simple and clear words what was happening within such a BiH.

"It is expected of all parliamentary political parties in Republika Srpska to demonstrate responsibility for the Dayton Agreement, the Dayton position of Republika Srpska, and that everyone wants to defend that position", Cvijanović told reporters in Banja Luka today, after the session of the Republika Srpska Senate.

She has stated that the Senate of the Republika Srpska urged everyone, with sufficient political maturity and seriousness, to understand the importance of maintaining the Dayton Agreement, but also to identify any deviations resulting from the unconstitutional transformation.

"In BiH today, like nowhere else in the civilized world, you have a Constitution that says one thing, and then in practice you have something completely different", Cvijanović explained.

She has said that on one occasion, in a conversation with a high-ranking foreigner, she pointed out some things to which he replied that here there are solutions which are legitimate, because laws were enacted but not constitutional, and added that this is a topic for thinking for all lawyers, politicians and citizens.

"Today, we live with the consequences of the experiments that someone went into with the intention of centralizing what is decentralized, without being aware of what effects this will produce", Cvijanović said.

She has added that these foreigners would never allow to have foreign judges in the Constitutional Court in their countries, noting that any changes to the BiH Constitution have led to some catastrophic consequences.

"BiH institutions made through the transfer of competencies are not more efficient, better, cheaper and more accepted by the citizens. Today, we do not have a more orderly life in BiH. The peoples in BiH are not respected more, they do not relay on each other and have no greater mutual trust”, indicated Cvijanović.
Cvijanović has said that she did not have any discussions with representatives of opposition political parties about tomorrow's special session of the National Assembly, pointed out that the National Assembly is sufficient forum to show tomorrow the political unity of Republika Srpska’s political parties.

She has recalled that previously, together with the Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, had talked with SDS leaders Mirko Šarović and PDP Branislav Borenović in preparation for another meeting in Serbia.

"At that time, we also discussed the National Assembly issue, in a certain way, and producing certain materials. All that came out of that meeting was a story ‘I will not withdraw from my position in Sarajevo’", Cvijanović added. /end/bo