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EAST SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 11 /SRNA/ - A bust of Professor Nikola Koljević, a former vice-president of Republika Srpska and one of the founders of the Serbian Democratic Party /SDS/, will be unveiled on Thursday, November 14 in the park outside the National Theatre in Banjaluka, reports the Association Creators of Republika Srpska.


Head of the association Momčilo Krajišnik has told Srna that preparations for unveiling the bust lasted nearly a year and that activities went slowly due to some administrative issues.

He noted that Koljević was one of the most significant Serbian Shakespearean scholars, a comparatist, theatrologist and renowned intellectual, which is why the place for his bust was chosen to be in front of the National Theatre.

"Our friends, donors have helped us to finish this job. The bust of Professor Koljević was in the basement of the City Hall for nearly 20 years,” said Krajišnik.

He pointed out that Koljević was a significant figure in the creation of Republika Srpska and that he had placed his great intellectual potential as the disposal of the Serbian people.

"Even though his contribution was not evaluated adequately, as his friend and his fellow-fighter, I can say that many things went positively, thanks to his great contribution,” said the leader of the association.

He emphasised that all Koljević’s contemporaries could confirm that he was a refined and intellectual soul that went away too soon even though he could have done so much more.

"This is a way to pay our respects to Koljević at least to a small extent. After the unveiling of his bust at the National Theatre, there will be a programme made for the occasion,” said Krajišnik.

Nikola Koljević /1936—1997/, PhD, was a professor of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, and worked as a guest lecturer at universities in Michigan and Chicago. He was elected Serb member of the SR BiH Presidency in 1990, and vice-president of Republika Srpska in April 1992.

The unveiling ceremony is scheduled for noon. /end/dš