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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 11 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has called for unity at the Republika Srpska National Assembly’s special session to discuss the Information on unconstitutional transformation of the Dayton structure of BiH and the impact on Republika Srpska’s status and rights.


"Fascism and monarchism, Bolshevism and protectorate rushed through the region, only being a part of one nation and patriotism remained constant," Dodik said in his address to the National Assembly.

He says that the anti-Dayton structure and status quo are the most important Bosniaks’ goal, as a basis for waiting for a new opportunity to degrade Republika Srpska, Serbs and their rights, which is evident in the majorization of Croats.

"International representatives here are strong and successful only as much as we give them the strength to be so. It is clear they have their own interests, but it must be clear these are not always our interests," Dodik said.

He says the time has come to do what it can be done, that is, to state clearly and unambiguously that the rights guaranteed under the Dayton Peace Agreement will be defended, and that the imposition of solutions, whether politically and legally, will never be accepted as righteous.

"If we consent to injustice and unrighteousness, then the injustice has not ever happened, and the wrong will become right," Dodik concluded. /end/vos