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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 11 /SRNA/ - SNSD leader Milorad Dodik suggested today that views of the political party leaders Mirko Šarović /SDS/, Branislav Borenović /PDP/, Dragan Čavić /NDP/, Petar Đokić /SP/ and Nened Stevandić /United Srpska/ should be incorporated in the information on unconstitutional transformation of the BiH structure and influence on the position and rights of Republika Srpska.


“We should have a common position and let us act together at the level of BiH. I am offering you to talk about entering the Council of Ministers together and you’ll see that we have the strength. The Republika Srpska National Assembly is deciding the fate of the Serbian people, not the High Representative. I suggest that we reject the Bonne powers,” Dodik said at a special session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly.

Dodik says he is not avoiding the fact that there were mistakes and that he made mistakes, but that no one can reproach him for not being a patriot.

“There was political naivety when we thought about foreigners who were bringing us progress. However, I think the things we have been doing since the moment we took power are to the benefit of Srpska. We need unity regarding the high representative as this is the matter for the people,” Dodik said.

Regarding international relations and NATO, Dodik has said that he asks that Srpska find its place in new world circumstances.

“I am grateful to the SDS and the PDP who did not adopt the Annual National Program /ANP/ and I believe they will not adopt it tomorrow. I have an obligation to warn the people that it is dangerous to choose sides and legalize the high representative and the NATO bombing. At the moment, BiH is allocating 0.8% of the budget for defense, and if it joins NATO, it will be 2%, that is, an additional BAM 180 million for Srpska. We don’t want to join NATO if Serbia is not there! If Serbia is there, we will also be there,” Dodik said.

SDS member of the National Assembly Miladin Stanić was interrupting Dodik’s speech, which is contrary to the Rules of Procedure.

The SNSD Caucus asked for a one-hour recess, but the recess was called until 17:00. /end/sg